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Online marketing is quickly picking up the game. Focused marketing is increasing sales like never before and social media is forcing marketers to think and create campaigns. Marketing specialists are working harder for expanding demand in the digital era as the majority of consumers depend on mobile devices and internet-based technologies. Demand for capable market research analysts is high. You will also find full-service marketing agencies that develop and implement marketing strategies and campaigns on behalf of their customers. Marketing managers can also work with advertising agencies and be involved in negotiating and preparing sales and advertising contracts.
They also determine the marketability of a new product or service and test it with the customers. Marketing managers need to know their target audience and understand the needs and preferences of their customers. Gathering experience is critical and you need to have experience in marketing and sales in a variety of areas such as advertising, sales, market research, customer service and marketing.
Other possible paths are starting in a sales role, developing further in marketing or taking up an entry-level job as a marketing assistant. Other options include starting as a freelance marketing consultant or moving up to a full-time position in the marketing department of a large company or agency. Marketing manager training also includes a bachelor's degree, but you may also need experience in other areas such as advertising, market research, customer service and marketing. You can also prepare for a marketing degree and work as a deputy marketing director or sales manager.
If you are ready to start a career in marketing and advertising, it is important to look at the types of marketing jobs listed below. Marketing jobs can include sales, marketing, customer service, advertising and other sales management functions.
Marketing focus courses can vary greatly depending on the program but potential options include marketing, marketing management, sales, advertising, public relations and communications. Students can also specialize in a variety of other fields, such as business administration, finance, accounting or business administration. One thing you will learn in a sales and marketing course is that marketing is a dynamic industry with a variety of opportunities for growth and success. 
The many facets of marketing allow professionals to branch out into several different areas while developing specific skills. Some marketing managers work for their marketing agency, where all the work is done for external clients. 
You will find entry-level jobs in this area, which also include positions as Marketing Manager, Marketing Manager and Marketing Assistant. With increasing experience, you can move up to a position as a marketing manager. Anyone seeking one of these leadership positions should expect intense competition. Experienced professionals are sought, and the ideal candidate for promotion is one whose work is striking and important to be highly sought after, such as marketing managers, marketing directors, or sales managers.
Marketing and sales skills are like muscles: If you’ll not use them, they will shrink, will become weaker and, will ultimately become useless. If you’ve worked efficiently in the market, it does not mean you’ll be able to continue the same record. Market changes and you also have to evolve and develop new strategies to meet the expectations of investors and cope with the new challenges that the market poses.
The career structure in marketing is similar to that of other sectors such as finance and accounting. Those who have acquired relevant experience and skills can be expected to progress from marketing manager to senior marketing manager.
Skills Required In this Field-  
· Strong writing capability and communication skills
· Prior experience in making marketing strategies and campaigns
· Excellent project management
· Focused decision-making skills
· Ability to do multitasking
· Well versed with software like MS Excel, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint Presentation, etc.
Qualification Required In this Field-
· Bachelor’s degree in the related field
· Master’s degree will give additional benefits
· Smoothness with social media strategy and online marketing
· Prior experience in designing networking platforms and interactive apps
· Strong network in Press and Communication Sector
Specific Courses and Colleges-
The most interesting thing about building a career in marketing and sales is that there is no specialized degree or course you need to do. If you are good at convincing people or selling things to them, the whole journey will be easy. While at the same time, it is also true, that companies will look for graduates, especially in business studies to join them. If you have an MBA it would surely make it easier for you in the job market.
Job positions in Marketing and Sales-
  1. Marketing Manager-
As a marketing manager, you make coordinated marketing campaigns to promote your product, vision, or idea. You will work on different kinds of marketing tasks such as advertising, sales and promotion of products. This position mostly focuses on:
      • Fix job positioning
      • To know the targeted audience
      • Make marketing plans with focused ideas across different fields
      • Take care of the whole project while it’s in process
      • Keep a check on customer feedback, market reports and trends
      • Collaborate with designers and content creators for the project
  1. Sales Manager-
The sales manager works with the sales team to discuss sales targets, maintain sales flow and function as a critical part of the entire process. You work in close range to the senior management office and share the space as the sales manager, marketing manager or marketing specialist.
  1. Marketing Specialist-
A marketing specialist creates marketing campaigns that help with the growth of a company's products and deliverables. Marketing is commonly used in commercial and public sector companies, and the quality of their work creates the judgment of the success or failure of the company, its products, or services.
Positions in this sector –
  • Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Advertising Agent
  • Advertising Strategist
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