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A job interview is the most significant part of any recruitment process. It can make or break your chances of landing the job. Many recruiters admit that the job interview holds more significance than any other process including examining resumes and conducting group discussions. It provides them an opportunity to try to know every candidate personally. 

Job interviews are also important because they help recruiters in understanding whether the candidate possesses the skills that they are looking for. Today, most businesses, are looking for a lot more than just education qualifications. They want employees to have strong communication skills, the ability to work as a team, and possess critical thinking skills. Employers are also looking for people who have a basic understanding of computers, good analytical skills, and basic presentation skills. 

So, you need to make a good impression on your recruiters during the interview round. It will help to dramatically increase your chances of winning the job. 

Top 7 Tips to Crack Any Job Interview 

Regardless of whether you are applying for a management role or a technical role; or whether you are applying for a job in the financial sector or the entertainment industry; here are our top 7 tips to help you ace any job interview with ease – 

  1. Know as much as possible about the company 

The first step in creating a great impression on the recruiter is to show them that you have a good understanding of the company and its business. It would be of great help if you can research a bit about the new ventures that the company has started or the new products or services that the company has launched. You can also gain an insight into the competitors of the company and what is it that they do differently. 

  1. Try to research your interviewers as well 

If you are prior knowledge about who your interviewers will be then you can score some brownie points by researching about them and knowing key details about them. You can find a lot of information on the company’s website and, even, on sites like LinkedIn. If you know some people who have or are currently working in the same company then try to reach out to them and get any information possible about the company or your potential interviewers. 

Pro Tip – By talking to existing or past employees of the company, you can gain a lot of knowledge. You can also inquire about the kind of people the company is looking to hire and understand whether you fit the bill. 

  1. Understand the job description, your role, and responsibilities 

Often one of the first few questions that you might encounter at an interview would be about your understanding of the company’s business and the job description. It is best to gain an in-depth understanding of the job that you are applying for and what your responsibilities will be in that particular role. It will also help you understand whether you are capable of the role or not and if you have any questions about anything related to your role and responsibilities. 

  1. Practice responses to commonly asked questions 

While every recruiter has a different style of interviewing candidates, certain questions are commonly asked at almost every interview, such as – 

  • What qualities make you a good leader?
  • Can you explain this particular part in your resume?
  • What do you know about our business? 
  • Are you willing to work nights or travel for this role?
  • What was your favourite job in the past and why?

It would be great if you can practice your responses to such commonly asked questions. You can also research and shortlist some questions that are commonly asked in your industry. 

  1. Ask a friend or a family member to help you practice 

If this is your first interview or you are nervous (which is okay, it is very natural), ask a friend or family member to practice with you. Ask them to act as the recruiter and ask relevant questions. It would be much better if they can research a bit and ask questions that you are likely to face during the real interview. Try to answer them as you would during an actual interview with facts and examples. 

  1. Plan everything the night before (including, your attire)

It is best to plan things for the big day. It will help you ensure that you are calm and relaxed on the day of the interview. Hence, decide on the small yet important things the night before the interview. Decide on what to wear and, if possible, choose and lay out your clothes beforehand. Also, collect and put together all the documents that you will need to carry for the interview. Put them together in a folder and keep them in a place where you will not forget to carry them with you. 

  1. Be punctual (and, calm) 

It is of paramount importance to be on time. If you end up being late to an interview, you have already created a bad impression that would be very difficult to salvage. Hence, avoid being late to an interview at any cost. Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early for a scheduled interview. Also, remember to be calm and relaxed. Don’t get nervous or panicky. 

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